Non-alcoholic cocktails

Serving non-alcoholic cocktails
Even if you or your visitors do not like alcohol, you can serve cocktails. Non-alcoholic cocktails are also called virgin cocktails or mocktails. You can serve these mocktails at any time of the day thanks to the fact that they do not contain alcohol. By adding various ingredients you can make a mocktail that will not be inferior to an alcoholic cocktail in terms of taste. Think of additions such as ginger, bitter orange, lime juice or almond syrup. To make it a little easier for you, we have included various ready-made mocktails in our range, which you can serve straight from the bottle.

Buy non-alcoholic cocktails
You can buy various non-alcoholic cocktails on our website. Think, for example, of the deliciously sweet Mai-To that we have made based on pineapple juice, lime juice and the alcohol-free rum substitute Lyre’s Dark Cane, Lyre’s White Cane and Lyre’s Orange Sec. If you prefer to order a slightly less sweet mocktail, the Jolly Bird might be a good choice. This fresh alcohol-free cocktail is slightly sweet and has a somewhat bitter aftertaste. Another option is the Cosmopolitan, which with its base of cranberry juice, lime juice and the alcohol replacement Seedlip Grove 42 makes a particularly tasty drink for after dinner or during a festive gathering.

Find non-alcoholic cocktails online at Cocktails by Nina
View the range and find the various non-alcoholic cocktails online at Cocktails by Nina. You can finish your order with our glassware, so that serving your mocktail becomes a feast for the eyes. If your order has a value of more than €75, you will not pay any costs for the delivery of your order. You can also gift someone an alcohol-free cocktail. During the ordering process you can have a text of your choice added to a card free of charge, so that you can turn a mocktail as a gift into a personal gift. The recipient can immediately enjoy his gift, because our non-alcoholic cocktails are ‘ready to serve’.

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