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Cocktail glasses for a beautiful presentation
Cocktails are tasty, alcoholic drinks that are often beautiful to see because of their mix of various colorful ingredients. Choosing the right glassware is an important part of making this color splendor come into its own. Different glasses are suitable for the various types of cocktails. The choice for a glass has to do with the presentation of the cocktail, but also with the amount of alcohol the cocktail contains, whether ice should be added to the cocktail and the amount of drink that a serving of the cocktail in question should contain. is. In our range you will find cocktail glasses such as margarita glasses, mojito glasses and mai-tai glasses. Due to the wide range, there is a good chance that you will find the right glassware for your favorite cocktails.

Buy cocktail glasses
When you want to order cocktail glasses, because you want to get the best out of your cocktails, it can be difficult to determine which glasses are exactly suitable for the drink you want to serve. On our website you can find information per cocktail such as the alcohol percentage of the cocktail, how you should serve the cocktail, the amount to be used per glass and which type of glass is normally used for serving the cocktail in question. So you can immediately see which glassware belongs to the cocktail you want to order. Buying the right cocktail glasses is child’s play because of this information.

Buy cocktail glasses online at Cocktails by Nina
You can buy your cocktail glasses online at Cocktails by Nina. If, despite the information provided, you still have questions about the different types of glassware, the cocktails or the way of serving, do not hesitate and contact our customer service. We can be reached by phone from Monday to Saturday between 09:00 and 21:00. You can also ask your question via e-mail, the contact form on the website or via the chat function. Ultimately, we not only want to sell delicious cocktails and cocktail glasses, but also have a very satisfied customer base.

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