Cocktail glasses set

Cocktail glass set for serving your cocktails
The different cocktails are served in various glasses. Which glass is suitable for the cocktail you want to serve depends on several factors. For example, the alcohol percentage, the amount of the cocktail per glass and whether the cocktail fizzes or not play an important role. If you buy a cocktail glass set from us, you will receive two or four glasses of the chosen cocktail glass. You can then immediately enjoy a Martini with your partner or you can treat your friends to a summer Mojito. Sometimes our cocktail glasses are on sale, so you can enjoy your favorite drink in a nice glass at an extra cost.

Buy cocktail glass set at Cocktails by Nina
At Cocktails by Nina you can buy your new cocktail glass set. If you are in doubt about which glasses are most suitable for the drinks you want to offer your guests, you can consult the information tab of the relevant cocktail. You may also contact us by telephone to submit your questions. We will then discuss your wishes with you and come up with the suitable cocktail glass set. You also don’t have to wait long for your new glasses. If you order a set on a working day before 3 p.m., you can expect your cocktail glass set at your home the next working day.

Buy cocktail glass set online
The right glasses give your cocktail that little bit extra. That chic look for a formal occasion or that playful look for a casual get-together. Even if you want to prepare a cocktail yourself, the glassware you use is of great importance. Do you want to serve your cocktail straight? Or do you just want to have room for ice cubes and fruit as a garnish? You can buy your cocktail glass set online, possibly together with your favorite cocktails or mocktails. If the total value of your order is higher than €75, we will pay the shipping costs for you.

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