Cocktails by me, with love,

My story

If you walk into a fancy restaurant or a posh cocktailbar, you’ll most likely see this: well-dressed men and women shaking and preparing cocktails behind a bar. After a few good shakes, your cocktail will be ready to serve. Done. Recognize this?

That’ll be 24 euros for those two Cosmopolitans, garnished with a slice of lime and a straw if you’re lucky. Ok, i might exaggerate a little bit, because most of those cocktails are delicious, divine and some even perfect. That usually results in having multiple cocktails in one night.

I am Nina, 20 years old and born with a passion for drinks that i am lucky enough to share with my dad. Together we created the ultimate book of recipes.

I was 15 when i landed my first job at a restaurant. If i wasn’t working during the weekends, i would spend time with my dad. We tried to create some original cocktails, some delicious, some not even worth talking about.

During the first few months of the year of 2017, the idea, that would later result into Cocktails by Nina, was born. I wanted to do something on my own, but it had to be unique.

Cocktails in bottles, but they had to be freshly made and well kept for a longer period of time. After experimenting for over a year and a half, we summarized our results in our book of recipes.

The goal is to deliver the best cocktails in The Netherlands, right to your doorstep.

Obviously, it’s very difficult to stand out in the chaotic cocktail business, but i truly believe that with the love i have for cocktails, i will succeed, with the support of my dad.



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